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Oklahoma Blood Institute's Cellular Therapies Featured in "The Oklahoman"


Oklahoma Blood Institute's cellular therapies program is featured in "The Oklahoman."

“Most cell therapy drugs start out as autologous, where you are donating your own blood for the drug that is going to be made,” [Charles Mooney, Oklahoma Blood Institute's Vice President for quality management and new business ventures,] said. “The goal is for them to be allogeneic-based so that somebody would be able to donate cells and a draw can be made from it just like a unit of blood.”

“There can be as many as 1 billion to 3 billion white cells in this LRS chamber,” [Dr. Jennifer Chain, Oklahoma Blood Institute science officer,] said. “We can harvest those out of the LRS chamber and study their properties. Eventually, we want to use those cells to develop allogeneic therapies.”

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