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Bio-Linked Defined

Bio-Linked is groundbreaking software developed exclusively by Oklahoma Blood Institute that matches extraordinary people with the nation’s most promising medical research.

16,000 clinical studies are occurring daily, but progress is delayed when scientists cannot locate willing participants.  Built from a network of blood collectors, Bio-Linked provides scientists with a unique database of potential participants.

“Bio-Linked is a ‘’ for researchers who need people to help them further their studies,” said John Armitage, M.D., president & CEO of Oklahoma Blood Institute.  “It’s really the time in medicine to unlock the power of the individual, and we have so many generous individuals who unlock treatments.”

Using their donor identification number with their blood center, blood donors enroll in Bio-Linked online.  Bio-Linked contacts enrollees if they’re a match for a study, which may involve blood samples or voluntary participation.  All information is kept entirely confidential. 

 As one of the nation’s premier blood centers, Oklahoma Blood Institute is proud to introduce Bio-Linked and provide new hope for people battling serious illness.

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