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HLA Match: Key to Unlock a Cure

The cutting edge of many new medical advances involves using the body's own immune cells in new ways.

For these therapies to work, scientists often need to make a "tissue match," also known as an "HLA match" between the treatment cells and a patient.  By including your HLA type as part of your Bio-Linked profile, you can put yourself at the front of the line to be part of amazing discoveries and life-changing cures!

If you are signed up to be a marrow donor through the Be The Match registry, you have your HLA typing information on file with the National Marrow Donor Program.

By simply sending a request to, you can request a copy of your HLA results.  Once you receive your report, we now have an area for you to input this important data into your Bio-Linked profile.  Please help speed our research efforts by making this critical upgrade to your profile!

If you know your HLA type from a lab work done from a source other than Be The Match. that would be equally valuable.

For your reference it is usually provided in a format similar to one shown below.

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